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What does my purchase from Laureus really mean?

100% of the profit from the sale of our charity products goes to support the social sports programs carefully selected by Laureus Sport for Good for disadvantaged children. The work of the sports social programs sponsored by the foundation aims to strengthen the personality of disadvantaged children, to accompany them on their way and to improve their lives in the long term. So far, more than 6 million children and young people have been helped worldwide.

Production costs: We always work with partners through whom we can produce the products at a fair price. When selecting partners, we attach importance not only to product quality but also to the most sustainable possible added value and production. In the production of cycling clothing, we are pleased about the current cooperation with the Chiemgau brand Maloja.

Dispatch, packaging, logistics: Our partner Wesionaire takes care of the logistics and thus that the ordered products reach you as quickly and smoothly as possible. Wesionaire is a regional trading agency based in Ismaning, Munich.

What is the partnership between Laureus and Wesionaire?

Wesionaire are professionals in the fulfillment and construction of online shops. That's why we're very pleased that you worked with us to develop the Laureus online shop and are supporting us in the implementation. In addition, Wesionaire has very good knowledge of sales and offers great opportunities to meet high-reach personalities, such as e.g. professional athletes, via their social media channels.
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